History and Reality of Magic

Allama Saadi (A.R) told that during the age of Hazrat Suleman (A.S), the satins sit lurking just close to skies to listen to angels and tell the magicians that at earth, who will die and when? When it will rain? And something like that. When it happens as they stated, it become famous that Jins has the knowledge of hidden truths. People have written many books on magic. Hazarat Suleman (A.S), the Prophet of Allah, has brought these books and put them in a box and buried this box under his chair. Now when satins came near his chair, they burnt. He also announced that if any said that satins know the unseen I will kill him. After some time Suleman (A.S) has died and the Scholars also who know this event. Centuries have passed and at one day, satin goes to the group of people from Bani Isreal and he informed that I will inform you about a un-finish able treasure. He said to them that dig down that chair, they dug and bring up the books. Satin said, Suleman (A.S) governs Humans, Jins and birds due to this magic. It becomes famous and propagated falsely in Bani Israel that Suleman (A.S) (may Allah prevent us) was a magician. When last Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (S.A.W) announces his Prophet hood and stated Suleman (A.S) as Prophet, Bani Israel objected and said Muslims are magicians, then Allah revealed this verse to oppose them:




Literal Meaning of Magic

Allama Zubedi Hanafi narrated in his book “Tehzeeb main Jadu” that “Capsizing a reality towards other reality is known as magic”. Because when a magician show false as reality and put in people’s mind that this is in their favor, that is his magic.


Allama Ibn-e-Manzoor Afriqi narrated in Lissan-ul-Arab that Magic is such act, in which closeness to satin is obtained, and his help is sought.  Detention of eyes is also called magic, in this a certain thing in not seen in its real shape, just like the mirage seems as water far away from us.


Religious Meaning of Magic

Allama Qazi Bezavi (R.A) narrated in his Tafseer Anwar ul Tanzeel that, Magic is such act, in which closeness to satin is obtained, and his help is sought, and that work would not be possible without Satan’s help. This definition put a clear definition of Magic, Miracle, and Dignity. Sometimes, with the help of hand tricks, medicines and excuses, funny and strange acts are performed, but these are not said to be magic nor totally ulterior, these are literally called magic but religiously.

Allama Taftazani said that “Happening extra ordinary action due to specific action of a worthless person is known as magic” and it is learned from a skillful teacher. Magic is cursed along with evildoing, he is involved in wickedness in its inward and outward appearance, and he is ashamed here and in hereafter.

Magic is proved by the Quran; bad sighting is also an authentic thing. Surah Naas and Surah Falaq were revealed to remove the effects of magic on Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).