How to perform Istikhara prayer

How Can I Perform Salat-al-Istikhara?

Salat-al-Istikhara is a prayer of seeking guidance from Allah in the situation of deciding something. But the point is that how can ones seeking guidance?

The Prophet of Allah (Peach Be Upon Him) also taught us the way of offering Salat-al-Istikhara. Online Istikhara team give you full on detailed article on this. The first step of offering Salat-al-Istikhara or any other prayer is to cleanliness. You should clean yourself before praying. Ablution or Wozu is the best way to clean one by physically and mentally both.

After this, open your prayer and recites two rakats, after that recites your supplication. The result of Salat-al-Istikhara shows in the form of a miracle or any symbol. You should keep yourself be calm and waiting for the sign. During this, you can take advice to the people that you think are knowledgeable.

You should consider the advice of the people who have really knowledge and waiting for result. Always show-out sincerity while you are praying to Allah. Begging and pleading are not acceptable. Indeed you are truthful to Allah hence, Allah should give you guidance.

  • Do Ablution or Wozu

Wozu is the essential thing that ensures you are clean. Perform Wozu before praying. There are many benefits of Wozu. Few of them mention here:

  • Wozu not only cleans your body parts but also centralizes your thoughts.
  • It develops a sense that you are going to offer yourself in front of Allah.
  • After Wazu you limited yourself and your thoughts.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) taught us the way of performing Wozu. There are 5 things which called “Farz”. Farz is a thing that you can’t be gives up. Following are the 5 Farz of ablution:

  • Wash your mouth and nose three times.
  • Wash your face by three times.
  • Wash your hands and forearms a trice.
  • Rinse your forehead and ear once.
  • Wash your feet a trice.

    Things to do before performing Istikhara

    Things to do before performing Istikhara

After performing them, pointed your finger to the sky and read the Wozu Dua:

“Ash-hadu al laa ilaaha illALLAHu wahdahuu laa shariikalahu, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhuu wa rasuuluh.”

Translation in English:

“I bear witness that there is no deity other than Allah alone; He is One; He has no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is His (chosen) servant and (true) Messenger.”

But in some cases, you need to take a bath that is called ‘’Ghusal’’. They are the cases after the emission of semen, intercourse and menstrual period. The Ghusal is compulsory after these conditions.

  • Ready The Prayer Space

It is also important to clean the space where you are praying. Mostly people clean themselves but they give no preference to the space. But Allah likes complete cleanliness. Your space, clothes, body, environment etc should be neat and clean. After this, place a mate on the floor in such a way that the mate and yours face in the direction of Qibla.


Direction before making Prayer

Direction before making Prayer

  • Start Your Prayer

After Wozu and deciding clean space, open your prayer. The points after open the prayer are mention below one-by-one.

  • Keep in notice, when you are starting your prayer it is essential to keep all your intention in praying. Try to not have other thought while you are praying.
  • Raise your both hands to your ears and say “Allah Akbar”.
  • After this recite the Opening dua or Isteftah paryer.
  • Recite Ta’awwuz and Tasmia after the opening prayer.
  • Surah Fateha is the start of Holy Quran and Prophet (SAW) taught us to recite this surah in every prayer.
  • Recite any part of Holy Quran after the Surah Fateha but our Prophet gave preference to Surah Ikhlas.
  • Then Recite your Istikhara Prayer and go through the remaining rakats. You can also get Online Istikhara Dua by many websites.
  • Second rakat also offer in the above mentioned way.
  • Repeat this prayer until you don’t get the results.

    Performing Prayer

    Performing Prayer

Praying When You Need

When you are going to make an important decision then it is compulsory to you to seeking guidance from Allah. Inn Shaa Allah you will get better results. Meanwhile, you can take advice to your seniors. It will really helpful to you.

Our Online Istikhara Team expected that this article proves to be valuable to you.You can also search Online Istikhara from WikiHow website.

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Guidance through Salat

Asking Guidance Through Salat-al-Istikhara

Asking Guidance Through Salat-al-Istikhara: Having Right Mindset

Salat-al-Istikhara is an easy way to seeking guidance to Allah. But there are many ways to asking for guidance to Allah. In the following section we are going to explain them briefly. But when you are going to asking for guidance make sure that you have a firm resolution on Allah.

Asking For Guidance

Whenever you feel that the current issue requires guidance from Allah, then you should perform Salat-al-Istikhara. The best time of Salat-al-Istikhara is after Al-Fajar or Salat-al-Lail. After praying Istikhara you should take advice to Knowledge-able people. Here we are going to explain each point in detail.

istikhara guidance from Allah

istikahra guidance

  • When You Need To Take a Decision

Offer Istikhara prayer when you need to make important decision. Istikhara Prayer is a powerful prayer that gives you a strong guidance. If you followed the symbols of after praying Istikhara prayer, you should judge the things very clearly. Following are the examoles on which you can do Istikhara for seeking guidance:

  • Choosing a university or high school
  • Accepting any job offer
  • You can also perform Istikhara for choosing your life partner. In this regard, Online Istikhara For Marriage proves to be helpful to you.
  • Best Time For Performing Salat-al-Istikhara

It is best to offer two rakats for seeking guidance to Allah. The best timing for performing Salat-al-Istikhara is after Fajar or Eshaa prayer. It is recommended to perform Istikhara after Morning Prayer.

As we know that Salat-al-Lail is a late night prayer and many rakats have to perform. So, it seems to be difficult to perform Istikhara prayer with Eshaa. Hence, if you perform Istikhara prayer then it must be after obligatory prayer Eshaa.

  • Take Advice to Knowledge-able People

When you are praying Salah it is important that you take advice on your certain matter to the people you think are knowledge-able.  They must be your well-wisher. So they give you accurate advice. Don’t think like that your answer given to you in your dreams.

  • Suppose, you are going to join a new job and you are confused about it. Simply, you take advice to your family member or any senior. You asked him that if you are joining this job so, how it proves to be helpful for me? Try to confirm the scope of that post. Asked him that how this job affected on your faith and personal life? Creating a strong theme before joining proves to be helpful to you.

Having Right Mindset

The base of Salat-al-Istikhara is that you have the Right Mindset. This includes sincerity, faith and firm resolution. Most important thing of this Salah is patience. After you are performed the salat-al-istikhara PATIENCE IS THE KEY which you hold on until the results are not shown. Your prayer became acceptable in the court of Allah:

  • Sublimation With Sincerity

It is important that you should center all your intentions to prayer. After that, your sincerity to your matter is really matters. Your sublimation of seeking guidance and help is pure. Your way of recite your prayer should be truthful.

In this regard, sincerity refers to that if you get your answer after praying Salat-al-Istikhara. And the answer is not that you want to hear but after that you should follow the answer is “Sincerity”.

  • Be Faithful

The most important part of all this function is faithfulness. Only few people

has faith on Allah. Faith means that “We accept it that Allah is one, there is

no God except Allah. If Allah decides something for us, it should be better

decision than ours”.

If you turn all intentions to your prayer then it is important to you to be

Faithful. Just asks Allah to give you guidance. Don’t begging and pleading. If

you are begged it feels like your wish that your desire comes to true. And

guidance don’t really matter in that case.

  • Patience is the Key

Don’t to be impatient after saying the prayer. You can’t be considers Allah on a timetable. When Allah thinks, this time is best for accepting your prayer. Allah gives u the right guidance. Don’t show-out desperation, anxiety or any haste.

Don’t expect that Allah gives you answer in the form of a miracle or any symbolic vision. But you should find-out your answer by seeking advice to others. May be one of them give you better advice of your matter.

These are the manners of performing Salat-al-Istikhara. If you are really wants to seeking guidance from Allah so follow these rules or manners. So, you can find-out solution of your matters in the light of ‘Quran’ and ‘Hadith’.

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Istikhara for Marriage

How to find a Right Partner for Marriage?

How to find a Right Partner for Marriage?

Online Istikhara For Marriage.


Online Istikhara for marriage is a organization which provides Online Istikhara services. In an individual life person may take many decisions. One of most important decision is choosing a right life partner.  This choice has a straight and serious effect on couple’s future when they married. They must support each other. Morality and trust plays key factor in couple life. So, the decision of picking a partner is the main feature to have a bright married life.


Islam not only supports marriage, but it also helps in selection of a partner.  Because of its importance in our society our organization Online Istikhara for Marriage helps you in getting right living.You may also get idea from WikiHow.

Online Istikhara for Marriage

Online Istikhara for Marriage


Independence in Selection of a Partner

Generally thinking of a people is not very positive regarding Islam. People think that Islam is very strict religion. As, Islam does not provide freedom to people in selecting a partner.  They also think that Islam does not allow the partners to meet with each other before marriage .But this is not true, Islam gives help to peoples to be married.

Standards of Selecting Partner

The second point of getting married in Islam is the selection criteria. To select a partner, you should know to your choices. This has to do with physical appearance and mentality of a person. To select partner there is a noted way in Islam that is Istikhara for marriage. Istikhara is a complete rightful and religious way to select partner. It is a way in which Allah shows his Positive or Negative signs to his prayerful men.


The Importance of Istikhara in Islam

Being a Muslim our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) advise us to perform Istikhara. He (P.B.U.H) advise us to pray Istikhara Dua while making any important decisions in life. So, we should also try to perform Istikhara while making any choices in our life.  May Allah bless us with his guidance. May He give us the understanding to make the correct decisions. And may He put his will in whatever we do in our life. Ameen.


Online Istikhara For Marriage

Our organization Online Istikhara for Marriage works day and night for welfare of our customers. We have a proper spiritual team who perform Istikhara. Our team guides spiritually our beloved customers through Istikhara. Istikhara provides information unseen knowledge from Allah Almighty. Istikhara can be done for different purposes. Our focus is on Istikhara for marriage. Because now a days people to be married don’t know how to perform Istikhara. We are making ready our Istikhara services to our customers, so they can make better decisions in their livings.

Istikhara for Marriage

Istikhara for Marriage,


How to perform Istikhara

How to perform istikhara

How to perform istikhara

how to be perform Istikhara

how to be perform Istikhara

We should learn how to perform istikhara before performing it. First of all one should take clarity of his problem or issue. You should be clear in the matter which you are going to take blessings from Allah Almighty. These should be based upon pity and virtue. The deeds of dishonesty, corruption, embezzlement and any kind of wrong deeds or misconduct are not recommended for istikhara. It will consider to be unethical that someone do istikhara in evil deeds or wishes. After deciding your wish or purpose, one should do wudu (…) and pray perform two additional rakat after or before routine five time prayers. (We advise two times for istikhara) After that pray to Allah Almighty to resolve your problem or issue by giving you, signals from Him.

When, where and How to perform istikhara

How to perform Istikhara, There is no fixed time for istikhara, you can perform it at any recommended time which is recommended for routine prayers. However, we recommend two times for the performance of this scared cause. One of the time is after the prayer of Esha (Night prayer) usually performed at 8 o’clock pm. Second one, is the time before morning prayer fajjar which is called tahajjud. It is said that it is the special time when Allah listens  and give prompt response to everyone muslim who wishes for the right path. So please keep in mind these two times while you are going to perform istikhara. It should also consider while performing istikhara that the place must be clean according to Islam. It means that it should not  pollute with haram things i.e alcohol, clot of bloods, urine etc.

online istikhara services

online Istikhara services

Particular situation of istikhara:

Although, you can perform Istikhara in any kind of matters of problems. But, one can consider the following situations before doing istikhara i.e, marriage planning, abroad travelling, changing of residence, change of city 0r country, starting of new business, switching to new business, signing before agreements and contract with new parties or before any situation in which you feel unsafe or confuse and other which you like etc.

Signs of guidance from istikhara:

After performing Dua-e-istikhara, it is necessary for someone to sleep for a while to take signals from Allah Almighty. These signals could be in the form of dream while sleeping or may inform of heart satisfaction. The usual signs in dreams are green, white, red and black signals. The green and white signals indicates good signs and consents of Allah in particular issue. While red and black color indicate avoid to do the specific task. You can also make judgement from darkness and light frequencies in your dreams. Fare colors or beautiful scenes are the sign of agreeners and the fake or dull and horrible scenes represent disagreement from the blessings of Allah Almighty.


The above passage and research indicates that it is good to perform istikhara. But one should also share his feelings before and after performing istikhara with a pious man living around him.

(Istikhara is)  indeed, it is admitted fact that istikhara provides medication for your spiritual problems and issues. So, there is no need to go anywhere, you can perform it yourself with full confident at home. It is also recommended to perform istikhara by yourself not from others because it is your concern not others.

You can avail amazing Online Istikhara services by Qualified Muslim Scholar.